Meet the Team :: Introducing Michelle Council

My initial reaction to the request of submitting a blog piece was in a word; resistance.  The voice in my head said something like “Me?  Write a creative piece??  No, I’m best at left-brain analytical problems with simple black and white answers.  I’m not a blogger and I’m too busy anyway.”  I think this defiant attitude was the easiest way to hide behind my fear that perhaps, I would have nothing valuable to say. 

After breathing through it and doing a little Internet research (yes I looked up the word “blog”) I lowered my own expectations and decided to look at this assignment as an opportunity to communicate about issues that feel important.  Ultimately, I am passionate about living a happy and healthy life and part of my commitment to that means talking about what I believe in – whether in written or spoken form.  I believe revealing and sharing is an important tool for us to learn, teach, adapt, and integrate through our confusing and sometimes stressful existence. I also feel intuitively that this contributes to our living in a more peaceful world together. 

There are times when telling our stories can help heal the wounds of others, and now I see with clarity that this blog provides a forum for this process.  As Rainbeau often says” What’s in the way, is the way,” so instead of running from the door that most scares me at the moment I am opening it and walking though with as much courage as I can muster.  They say fear and excitement can feel so similar in our body that we mistake one for the other, so let’s step towards creating the world we want to live in first by embracing the  “excitement” along the way.


Michelle Council