15 Unique Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts (That Aren’t Pie)

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there is a whole world of seasonal desserts options besides your typical pumpkin pie. This Thanksgiving, bring a dish that gets your family’s attention and is so delicious it will become a new tradition in your family.

16 Painless Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner More Eco-Friendly

If we truly want to celebrate Thanksgiving as the first pilgrims did, then we need to cut down on our waste and environmental impact – while still marking the occasion in style! Here are 16 easy ways to do just that...

10 Graceful Steps to Preparedness

At RML we strive to be a source of positivity and inspiration in light of all the challenges, injustice and devastation occurring around the world. September is National Preparedness Month and we feel it would be remiss not to also offer some practical solutions, particularly when faced with all the recent natural disasters.

8 Powerful Superfoods That Fight Fatigue & Stress

Are you a victim of the afternoon slump? If you find yourself struggling to make it through the day, your diet might be to blame. While sugar and caffeine often give you a quick energy boost, they also cause you to crash just a few hours later. If you’re relying on coffee and energy drinks to perk you up, you’re actually doing more harm than good.

9 Simple Ways To Bring Positive Energy Back Into Your Life

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed or being consumed by negative thoughts is often a part of the roller coaster of life for many people. But it doesn’t have to be. Making the decision to live a more positive life is the first step in kicking the negative thoughts that bring you down. Follow the tips below to help relieve stress, find peace and live a happier life.

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Every naturally occurring event gives energy to the earth. Its surface acts as a conductor, constantly receiving and distributing energy to all its inhabitants. For most of humanity man was one with this primordial connection. Walking barefoot across the land, our bodies were continually linked to this massive energy field.

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The Power of Aroma

Our sense of smell is the frontline modality by which we experience the world around us; however, many people may underestimate its significance. By comparison, humans have a weaker sense of smell than many animals, which must use smell for sustaining basic life functions (tracking food, identifying a mate, etc.).

Cheap Clothes Are Terrible For People And The Planet—Here's How To Ditch Them For Good

A burger on a drive-through dollar menu may seem like a great deal, but there are countless hidden costs to the environment and our health behind that low price. The same goes for what we wear: much like fast food, the “fast-fashion” industry is built on pumping out cheap, poor-quality goods—subsidizing its low prices with tolls on the environment and, often, human rights.

Lime Oil Uses and Benefits

Famous for its distinct flavor and aroma, the lime fruit has seemingly endless applications for cooking, cleaning, personal care, and more. Much like the fruit, there are also many uses for Lime essential oil. Whether you want to add some zest to your smoothie or fill the room with an energizing aroma, once you use Lime oil, it will soon become a major staple in your daily essential oil use.