Take A Stand!

Happy Fall everyone, tis yet another season to let go of the old and unnecessary!

So in full transparency and commitment to a more truthful self, and to stand for a nation and planet where we are empowered by our challenges, I share my own truths and realizations with you.

Between raising my own daughter that is rapidly beginning to tween and other blind spots in my own life that might have affected my past and present, I think there is no better day to get honest than this one.

I recently discovered that the second reason for death is suicide, which is a very permanent solution to a temporary issue. But why is this? Why are we suffering without the ability to face our shadows or fear and why do we often create the realities that we are trying to avoid?

For those of you who may or may not know me, my name is Rainbeau.  You might of even heard by now, that I was born in a teepee under a double rainbow in the Ozarks of Missouri. That my mother is somewhat of a flower child, while also a professional medical herbalist. Or heard that I am known as a yogi (maybe even a teacher, or the girl who had all those videos or deals with it) or you might have heard about my demanding everyone to do a cleanse before my wedding or handing out worms for Halloween to create environmental awareness.

What you might not know, is that yoga was my salvation during my times as a young actress, coming off all sorts of addictive drugs. That I was addicted to alcohol and cigarettes, and could have called myself a pot head more than once. Or that most of my hard core party days were spent before I had even a license to do so and having reached my drug quota, I turned to yoga, chanting and cleaning to purify my mind and body.

You also might not know something that I am realizing now…. What I was avoiding. I truly feel, that we humans attempting to be, like to find that happy place and will find any all means to get there.

Until we open up to the light and shed truth, compassion and self-love on that which we wish was not there, it continues to remain.  We try to soften the suffering with stimulants that trigger certain better feelings but the root remains. 

One thing that I am learning is that the real freedom we are actually looking for takes the ability to observe, analyze and ultimately comprehend.

How can we observe if we have altered the truth, tried to falsify it or coat with smokey rose colored tipsy glasses? We can numb the pain for so long, but that does not mean it leaves until we deal with it.

I am writing this to encourage us all to tell the truth, whatever that means. We don't need to always edit to sound better or more desirable, altering reality to make ourselves more appealing to others or ourselves.

I want to encourage us to get real, speak out and up for virtue, integrity and a world where people are what they say they are. Silence, shame, guilt or the need to protect others who created pain, beat, lied cheated or have been abusive is passé. If we don't have those things, we can rectify. Make right by asking for forgiveness and changing! The truth will set us free, but we must get utterly okay with what it is.

With all our hearts and all our courage the time to face what is & has been to face reality with all that we have is here.

I spoke about some of my truths and some of the ways I am healing or have healed to Deborah Kagan the other day and I invite you to take the time to check it out and get involved.

What’s your story? What’s your truth? It’s time to share who you really are. Beneath our suffering we are all bright stars.