It's time to Take A Stand, thank you for joining me!

This week is pretty special for a very personal reason.

A good friend and colleague, Deborah Kagan, asked me to participate in her online interview series that blends our professional selves with the cause to end violence to women. 

All of us speakers are public figures and the thing we all have in common (besides creating a tremendous amount of success personally and professionally) is that we’ve experienced some form of domestic violence, sexual assault or rape.

You might not know this about me. I mean in general, it’s not the kind of thing people talk about over coffee at a meet and greet.

My interview is airing on Wednesday, October 21st, and will be available for 24 hours, so CLICK HERE to reserve your spot and check out all the details!

What’s so fabulous about this series is that Deborah is changing the conversation around this epidemic. We’re not focusing on the what happened—there’s plenty of that out there already.

What we ARE focusing on are the very conscious moments where we chose to create new experiences in our lives. The moments where we claimed our power, said YES to success and dropped the old stories holding us back.

These are the conversations we need to hear because they are about what’s possible for all of us.

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Let’s focus on dropping the shame around what’s happened in the past and boldly TAKE A STAND for what we’re here to do!

I’m honored and excited to share this with you.