A Feast of Gratitude

When gathering with a diverse group of family and friends, it can be challenging to satisfy everyone's preferences. In this video we demonstrate how to cater to vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists, and traditionalists alike so that instead of disputing about what's served on the table, we can focus on connecting around it. 

Join us for recipes with love from our hearts and home to yours, from last year's Thanksgiving Feast of Gratitude.

A special thanks to musicians Donna De Lory, Avasa and Matty Love for their devotional music.

A special thanks to all our friends and family who shared their special recipes and time with us. Most especially to the chefs in the kitchen, Michael, Gail, Samantha Karlin and Jade Mars. Special thanks to Brett Harrelson, my long time buddy, and Martine for her attention to beauty. Thanks to Jon Nash for Directing. We hope to be sharing time, space and feasts with you, our friends around the world, one day soon!

Directed Camera Edited by:Jon Nash jonnashfilm@gmail.com

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Posted on November 12, 2015 and filed under Celebrate, Behind the Scenes, Recipes.