Green Friday

Thanksgiving is a beautiful reminder of all the people we appreciate in our lives.

It's only natural to want to express that gratitude by finding the perfect holiday present. But sometimes our desire to give trumps our awareness of the impact of the actual gift.

Instead of succumbing to impulsive Black Friday sales, we invite you to take a stand by joining the #GreenFriday Challenge. 

Money is energy, and every dollar that we spend is literally an investment in the world we wish to build for future generations.

So when you do your holiday shopping, take a moment and ask yourself: 

Where did this come from? What is it made of? Who made this?

Visualize the past and future of all the materials and finished product, and consider whether it's in alignment with your ideals. If not, choose to a write a different story, because each purchase truly becomes a part of our life and karma.

Take this opportunity to support small businesses. Maybe it's the perfect time to refine your craft and make your own gifts.  Or you may like to use our November Special Offers to give a sustainable, zero-footprint Video Download program that supports your loved one's health!

Let us know how you're celebrating this holiday weekend with #greenfriday on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and help be the change on Friday, Nov 26!