Befriending the Bees: Three Quick and easy Ways to Take Action


You have likely heard about the important role that bees play in our ecosystem and the danger that they face. But what can you do to help be a part of the solution? Here are three easy ways to join in and be the change.




1. Buy local and organic produce

Not only does buying local and organic produce help promote your own health, it also helps our planet!

Harmful chemicals and pesticides are killing our bees. Make a difference with your dollar and choose organic.



2. Plant something

Whether it be an edible herb garden or colorful flowers, you can support the bees while creating beauty and nourishing the earth. 



3. Bees are friends, don’t be afraid!

If you have bees visiting your plants or gardens, be grateful rather than afraid!

If a colony or hive forms and you feel you must get rid of them, call a natural bee remover or beekeeper to relocate them into a happy home, rather than turning to chemical removal.



Posted on November 5, 2015 .