This Year, Make a Resolution for Mother Earth

From our friends at Kiss the Ground, check out our campaign #RegenResolutions at

Regeneration goes beyond sustainability and asks us to think about every aspect of our lives: food, clothing, shelter, energy, transport and more. How was this made? By whom? From where? What impact does this have on the environment? How can I leave things better than I found them? We’re not talking about regrowing limbs or robots that come back to life. We’re talking about the most fundamental way that the Universe works! Regeneration is the process of renewal, restoration, resilience and growth – even in the face of disruption. It’s how all of nature is designed!

This video was created in Paris during the UN COP21 Global Climate Summit.  This song is dedicated to the power of humanity when we stand with love and with the earth.   

May we care for the earth and each other in 2016!