DIY Holiday Gift Recipes

Tis the Season of generosity, kindness, and showing appreciation for loved ones and all the people who help make your little corner of the universe Shine!

But the pressure, and expense, of getting the perfect gift  for all your special someone's can make the holiday more stress than joy.

At RMLifestyles we recently held a Holiday Gift Making Party to connect with our community and demonstrate how a heartfelt homemade gift can be more meaningful than some store-bought trinket. And what a Bonus if the gift also supports your loved one's well-being by nurturing health, beauty and homecare with natural solutions that are good for the planet too!

In case you missed the event, here are some DIY Holiday Gift Making Recipes for you to make at home. These gifts incorporate the healing power of essential oils, and it's recommended to use a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade brand, like dōTERRA

For more details on how to get involved, email us at