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 Photo by Miiicha/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Miiicha/iStock / Getty Images

Not just a hippy science for new agers, gemstone crystals have been used for centuries all over the world as powerful talismans. For instance, royalty and priesthoods throughout time have invested fortunes to be adorned in the highest quality precious stones (and not just because they liked the appearance of these pretty colorful rocks). These global leaders recognize the potential of gemstones to activate a spectrum of abilities, from increased vitality and healing to greater concentration or spiritual connection.

How Gemstones Work?

Gemstones focus energy towards your intentions to support you in achieving your goals, like an arrow thrust directly at its target. Both gemstones and our human bodies are molded of earthly elements, but whereas our body’s divine design can be compromised by our thoughts, environment and lifestyle habits, gemstones retain their balanced structures in perfect harmony with the Earth. When we invite gemstones into our awareness by sight, mind and touch, we attune to their pure energies.

How to Use Gemstones?

The possibilities are practically endless, but a few popular ways to incorporate gemstones into your life are:

* Wear them as jewelry

* Carry them in a pouch (or mojo bag) to keep in your purse or backpack

* Put them in your pillow case for when you sleep at night

* Place them along your yoga mat while practicing

* Use them for decoration, like on your bedroom nightstand so they’re the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed, or on your desk to support you at work

* Meditate with them, either hold them in your hands or place them on your alter

* Add to your bath water and affirm your intentions as you bathe

* Create gem elixir by soaking them overnight in water or a bottle of essential oils to anoint yourself with

  CAUTION: Some gemstones may leach metals and substances that could be harmful such as lead or copper and should NOT be used for ingestion or anointing. Research more before using, but some examples aregarnet, malachite, moonstone, pyrite, sodalite and tiger’s eye.

Gemstones to Rock your Beach Body!

Though you shouldn’t depend on the gemstones alone, they can be amazing tools to support your health and fitness goals along with proper nutrition and exercise. Here are our top picks for a beach body:

1) Rose Quartz
Pink in hue, rose quartz opens the heart to love (including self-acceptance and loving the skin we’re in) invokes our innate beauty. It also helps to relieve stress (calming those worry lines that age our faces) and promote weight loss.

2) Apatite
Blue-green stone that suppresses hunger, aids metabolism and weight loss, and for letting go what no longer serves you, including an appetite for unhealthy foods

3) Citrine
Yellow stone detoxifies and is connected with the solar plexus, our digestive fire. Boosts confidence and powers of manifestation (like your dream body)

4) Moonstone
Opalescent white or blue, it's renowned for enhancing beauty, removing obstacles, achieving goals (reaching for the moon)

5) Quartz Crystal
Clear,  improves clarity, powerful healer, pain reliever, and magnifier, intensifying the strength of the other gemstones

6) Hematite
Silvery black, it supports a healthy circulatory system, heart and blood, grounding, and draws illness out of the body

7) Amethyst
Varying shades of purple, it's a stone of sobriety and spirituality. Alleviates stress, tensions and headaches. Fosters intuition, focus and clear vision. Amazing healer and unleashes fullness of breath

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