Memoir of St. Thomas

My love for you is an unusual one.
It's truly mostly bitter and a little sweet.

Your people would win the award for not "people pleasing" or "going the extra effort", there is definitely an "authenticity" in that.

Perhaps being more open and loving would overcrowd you and so your quality is for protection.

I'm grateful for the lazy days and times swimming in the beautiful island of St. John.

I pray you start realizing the preciousness of what you have and find things other than deadly chemicals to spray on yourselves, making the fish and people sick.

You're always beautiful, so thank you for that.  You'll be always in my prayers and I'll be holding you in the light that there might be healing and care taking of yourselves, each other and the land.

God chose you as the caretakers of this paradise and so it's true it's your right to do with it what you choose.

Posted on August 31, 2015 and filed under Rainbeau Mars, Journey.