Reboot Green-Patterned Water by Lesa Carlson

There's some debate amongst health advocates regarding ingesting essential oils. So we want to be clear that we are referring to certified pure therapeutic essential oils only, and not the generic oils you may buy at the store, even if they are labeled as "organic". It also should be clarified that a little goes a long way and that even 1-2 drops in 4 fl. oz. of liquid daily is sufficient.

That said, the internal use of these food grade essential oils can be a powerful way to supplement your current health regimens and give a nourishing boost to culinary recipes. For example, this essential oil infused green cocktail recipe is a perfect reboot for relieving anxiety and overall wellness.

Reboot Green-Patterned Water Recipe:
Combine aloe vera juice, nopali cactus, green pepper, lemon, celery,  and cucumber into a juicer, and add hydrating water as desired. Top off with the recommended essential oils (CPTG food-grade quality only!) and swirl the cup to mix. Salud!