10 Unusual Habits to Boost Creativity

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In the age of the cultural creatives there are a lot of unusual habits and practices sprouting up to support the vast range of unique expressions in our world. As an artist, creative thinker and intuitive channel I have some unusual habits that I’ve honed over the years. Through a lot of experimentation and self-discovery I’ve found these 10 habits to be my strongest allies in the pursuit of empowering my creativity.

If you are on the quest to empower your creativity, read through my 10 unusual habits to boost creativity and answer the questions listed with each habit to uncover your own creativity practices.

10 unusual habits to boost creativity

1. Singing in Nature

Singing in nature is my form of vibrational journaling. I sound through my thoughts, feelings, visions and get a whole energetic reiki session in the process. I gain access to higher vibrational frequencies when I sing in nature. Not only is the sound of my voice vibrating through my body, like a spiritual tune-up, but the deeper breathing and increased oxygen opens up my creative capacity exponentially.  Singing in nature has also caused a few embarrassing moments, but it has actually strengthened my creative backbone because I’ve had to practice owning my voice rather than cowering with shame because I’m doing something different. People have heard me singing in the forest and asked me, “What are you doing?” I simply say, “I’m practicing a form of Tribal Opera”.

How do you access your higher vibrational frequencies?


2. Naked in the house

I have not worn pajama’s for over two decades.  Sleeping naked is an absolute must to keep my creative juices flowing! When it is warm enough I walk around my home and studio naked too. There is something so liberating about being naked that I instantly feel an increased sense of inspirational turn-on.

What liberates your inspirational turn-on?


3. Eat dirt

Something you’ll always find in my kitchen cupboard, bathroom cupboard and fridge is dirt, or more elegantly referred to as clay. I eat it, I drink it, I cover my face with it, I fill the bath with it and I truly love it!   Although the idea of eating dirt sounds dirty, it actually has a cleansing effect. Certain types of clay actually clear and heal the body. I use bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth daily to keep my energy clean and clear so I can be as creative as my heart desires!

What supports your creativity?


4. Oil pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient ayurvedic practice used to detoxify the body by swishing oil in the month immediately upon waking in the morning. I’ve done this daily for years.  As soon as I wake up I put a spoon-full of coconut or sesame oil in my mouth and swish for 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes, not only am I clearing the night gunk but I’m also setting up my day to support my wild creative dreams.

How do you start your day to support your creativity?

5. Talk with trees

Many of my greatest ideas have come from trees. I love touching their bark and listening to their unique personalities.  I love imagining how deep their roots go into the earth and how balanced and tall they are. Each time I listen to them I feel I am offered a fresh perspective on my life and business that grounds and expands me.  Thank you trees!

Where do you go to get a fresh perspective on your life?


6. Technology time-out

Even though I use technology in my business and love the global capacity it enables, I don’t let technology take over my life. When I’m working in my studio and opening myself to higher levels of vision, insight, intuition, and imagination, I don’t have my cell phone around me, in fact I often unplug the phone, turn the computer off, and put my cell phone in another room.  People are often surprised to discover I don’t know my cell phone number, I have made a total of 2 texts in my life, and I don’t know how to make an instagram post (although I’m starting to feel it’s time!). I use technology to support my creativity, rather than letting technology use me to drain my creativity.

How does technology support your creativity? How does technology drain your creativity?


7. Grounded sheets

Sleep is sacred time for me. My creativity requires me to be well rested, focused, clear and conscious.  I sleep on grounded sheets to support the highest quality of sleep possible.  Grounded sheets are literally connected to the earth. You can learn more about them and the science behind them here.  I have used grounded sheets for years and even bring them with me when I travel because they make such a noticeable difference. When I’m well rested my creativity is sharp and ready to turn dreams into reality.

How does your sleep impact your creativity?

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