I'm for our Mother Earth.
I support those that support her.

I hope we can all remember how precious this moment is to awaken to the life giving healer we have all been born upon and realize that if we don't act now we are destroying ourselves and our priceless resources.

In a chemically engaged moment where bees are dying and the oceans are turning acid we all need to become caregivers of this jewel. There is no turning back and we are either going to sink or swim together.

The person who cares about our water, oil, rainforests, soil, air, health and climate is the one who has my vote. I'm on my knees praying for a better tomorrow and I know that together everything is possible.

I'm grateful for the small victory that Barak Obama stood for in the situation with Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline, but there is so much more we need to do as a people. We need to get off oil and onto what will be sustainable off the next 7 generations.

Join us in proclaiming our true allegiance in this year's election. #ImWithHer