#ElevateYourSoul :: From Kauai with Aloha

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Holding space in the tropical regions of Kauai, Hawaii was the perfect setting for yoga immersion, tranquil healing and indulging in nourishing plant-based foods.  Although the setting, in our reflection, was no comparison to the amazing and beautiful collective community Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles was honored to receive. 

With words from Rainbeau herself, expressing gratitude and love for our Elevate Your Soul retreat friends and family, she extends:

“Thank you all for your presence with me in the beautifully nourishing and recalibrating Elevate Your Soul Retreat with the RMLifestyles team, I so enjoyed spending time and space with you on fantasy island where the connection is stronger. Infinite thanks for getting on the plane and jumping into the unknown with me and of course showing up and being willing to listen and learn with me in the name of all things good with the possibility of transformation. I'm honored to know you all and to spend time in the jungle, ocean, temples, sky and of course the yoga mat/room and dining table with you all. May we continue to grow and stay connected.”

We know words and photos can only do so much justice for the Elevate Your Soul Retreat, the experience itself on the island of Kauai, Hawaii has left its impression on us all.  For that we are grateful.

 Noni Land with  David Avocado Wolfe

Noni Land with David Avocado Wolfe

DAY 1: Level Red Foundation

To set the foundation for the course, we began with Level Red of Rainbeau's signature fitness system, ra'yoKa: Solar Yoga. The Level Red ra’yoKa series to move our bodies through intentional standing poses, focus on alignment, movement to cultivate stability in standing poses & creating proper alignment. 

Then, continuing with the element of Earth we connected with the island on an epic guide through David Avocado Wolfe’s Noni Land.  It was an unforgettable adventure as we delve deep into the jungle and sampled tropical gems like soursop and cacao harvested right before our eyes.

 Queen's Bath

Queen's Bath

DAY 2: Level Orange Detoxification

Our Yoga practice was based on the fundamentals of Level Orange in our ra’yoKa series that increased movement, fluidity and body-mind awareness with lower body with leg strengtheners and hip openers, utilizing twists and counter postures to massage the internal organs and assist the body's natural detoxification process.

To commune with the element of water, we hiked bare-earth to the soles of our feet on a muddy trail to the Queen's Bath. We all gathered at the edges of volcanic rock to meet the sea in enormous bowls of water like craters of baths that we could all jump into!

 Rudraksha Forest

Rudraksha Forest

DAY 3: Level Yellow Core Power

 Puja at the Kauai Hindu Temple

Puja at the Kauai Hindu Temple

Our walking meditation through the Hindu Temple began with our offerings to the Puja, where we wrote paper messages listing anything that no longer served us ready to be released and then set fire to burn the attachment away.  Our journey continued and lead us to the Rudraksha Forest where we collected mala beads which have been kept as some of our own tokens and memories.

Our physical focus was on our own core strength and fluidity, with side stretches, core lifting, arm balances and twists that allowed us to shine forth in every direction of the abdominal region.



 Zip-lining in Koloa

Zip-lining in Koloa

DAY 4: Level Green Backbends

Flying through the sky with friends and family on our Zip-Lining adventure! 

Our adventure was supported by heart and chest openers, along with shoulder openers, backbends and breathing exercises that allowed us to lead with our heart!


DAY 5: Level Blue Therapeutics

We hiked our way up to a vine-curtained cave named the Blue Room.  Inside the cave we sat around the rim of the pool of cool blue water to paint and practice a silent meditation of the blue-lit room.

We were then able to practice level Blue of our ra’yoKa to sync vocal and body harmony through mantras, sound, throat and jaw openers.

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DAY 6: Level Indigo Inversions

Sound Therapy and harmonic healing was facilitated by David Conolly in our group sound bath.  We sat to learn the healing frequencies that we can all experience and incorporate in the world. 

We focused on incorporating core and upper body strength, enhancing poses that build confidence and power. 

 Nityananda Temple

Nityananda Temple


Day 7: Level Purple Meditation

We offered flowers and meditation at the Nityananda Temple while collectively experiencing the life and breathe of the sacred temple.

Our physical practice focused on recalibrating through meditation, affirmation and openness. Allowing us time to unwind and sit, finding peace in stillness.

In all the days of our physical practice and adventures, what else could we possibly be thankful for other than all the delicious & nutritious food!

Our time together has been such a great opportunity to connect, slow-down and Elevate Your Soul!  We could not have done it without the collective collaboration and support of every person involved.  Thank you and Namaste to everyone here and now.