#ElevateYourSoul :: Sneak-Peak into David Wolfe's Sustainable Farm, Noni Land!


Noni Land sounds like a fairy tale. Walking through the groves of avocados trees, bushels of peppers, garden beds brimmed with exotic vegetation and raw cacao pods hanging from tropical tree branches--it feels like one too. 

The truth is, it is a cornerstone of sustainable farming and environmentalism. 


Following David Avocado Wolfe's footsteps through Noni Land was chalk full of information and insights from an experienced and avid farmer; all while being invited to taste, touch and savor the wild-grown edible plants and fruit that is nurtured on the land. 

It was quite literally a breathe of fresh air to see what real sustainable and earth-honoring living looks like first hand. To see this practice in action, a lifestyle many environmentalists are striving to do, was an assuring thing to witness. 

In a time of Colony Collapse Disorders for bee's across the globe, Climate Change findings and mass extinctions of species highlighted on our news screens, this sight is not only comforting, it is needed. 

What we gained? An insight on what we can be doing in our own homes, in our own communities and backyards. 

Here at Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles we foster education and tools for growing organic gardens in urban areas like the heart of Santa Monica where our HQ resides. 

We support organizations like Kiss The Ground, Water Is Life, and Honey Love's "Save The Bees" initiatives and much more in alignment with environmentalism. 

Our natural health and wellness programs like the 21 Day Superstar Cleanse are also a fun & supportive way to introduce more plant-based foods and lifestyle practices which help reduce our carbon footprint. 

Much like Noni Land and David Wolfe, our mission is to serve our communities and our environment to be healthy, supported and vibrant! 

Gratitude for David and Noni Land for the insight and powerful inspiration as well as a big thank you to You, here and now. Let's work together to make the world a better place. Reach out and connect for any support or guidance you may need!