Conscious Consumption: Harvesting Abundance on a Finite Planet

As you journey onward as your refreshed self following The 21 Day Superstar Cleanse, you may be freshly inspired to integrate new practices as part of a more holistic lifestyle, one that honors your interconnectedness with other people and our living planet. The following practical habits and observances can be incorporated by each one of us to help stoke the warm fires of our communal life together on this exquisite earth.

* Eat sustainably. Along with eating more organic, local, and seasonal foods, consider eating lower on the food chain for the benefit of all (less meat, more plants). When you can, learn about the practice of permaculture.

* Conserve energy. Unplug unused appliances, wash clothes in cold water, use a clothesline or drying rack, and turn the lights down low earlier in the evenings.

* Save water. Plant drought-tolerant and native plants, take shorter showers, and use low-flow appliances.

* Let off the gas. Walk or bike, carpool, telecommute, drive electric and hybrid cars.

* Do-It-Yourself. The average person uses more than ten personal care products per day, much of which is replaced every month. Experiment with making some of your own cleaning supplies, toiletries, and cosmetics. Not only will this reduce the build up of wasteful packaging, but you might create some irresistible recipes that you love using.

* Invest in the future. As you know, many of our purchases soon end up in ever-increasing landfills. Remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Try secondhand products from garage sales, thrift stores, or online. Borrow from the library. Share tools and appliances with loved ones and neighbors. Buy in bulk. And invest in long-lasting quality products.