Cultivate Gratitude: Excerpt from The 21 Day Superstar Cleanse

Action Step of the Day: Aligning with Your Ultimate Purpose

Cultivate gratitude for all the support you have. As you engage in this journey of healthy eating, ask a true friend for their support, and then acknowledge that support when it comes. While it may not always be easy to integrate your food choices with theirs, here are some tips to help bring healthy foods successfully into your home.

• Let your friend know that you are not expecting them to join you in your new diet, but you look forward to having more raw foods available at meals so that you can enjoy eating together.
• Slowly increase the amount of raw food on the table.
• Enjoy a well-dressed and satisfying salad before indulging in the cooked meal so your enzymes are supporting your digestion.
• Find out what kind of foods friends and family members enjoy, and make raw versions of those dishes.
• Most important, let go of the need to change others. You will impress people more with your health and vitality than you ever will with preaching. Be a living example of what you represent.