Wholeheartedness: Excerpt from The 21 Day Superstar Cleanse

Virtue of the Day: Wholeheartedness

When we embark on any kind of transformational journey, we are inevitably confronted with aspects of ourselves that resist change, that are comfortable with things staying just as they are. Over the previous ten days, have you noticed any resistance to change within yourself? Sometimes this inner friction disguises itself as fatigue, exhaustion, or what can look like outright laziness. Although a nap and green juice wouldn’t hurt, the deeper solution is to put your attention on something that engages your whole heart. That is what wholeheartedness really is—an unequivocal “yes!” that tells you when you’re in alignment with the person you are becoming. Take some time today, whether five minutes or a few hours, when you actively focus your attention on something that has your whole heart. As the saying goes, “Either do something with your whole heart or don’t do it at all.”