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10 Steps to Better Health

Beauty and indulgence can co-exist! Many popular dieting habits (like 'no pain, no gain' and abstaining from sugar, salt and fats) can actually be detrimental to health and prevent lasting results. That's why in The 21 Day Superstar Cleanse program we'll explore these 10 Steps to Better Health as shared on Good Day LA!

2016 Eco Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season to be merry and bright! We love this season's emphasis on kindness and giving others what they need to help us all through the dark winter days and prepare for the year ahead.

But in the midst of all the festivities, it's easy to lose sight of our environmental integrity. As we celebrate, decorate, give gifts and travel this holiday season, we also tend to generate a lot of waste and increase our energy use.

A study from the Environmental Protection Agency states that from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, household waste increases more than 25%! The added food waste, shopping bags, packaging, wrapping paper, bows and ribbons all add up to an additional 1 million tons a week to our landfills. Annual trash just from gift-wrap and shopping bags totals to 4 million tons in the US alone. 

However, there are plenty of holiday gift options that create less waste and actually give back to the planet while improving the health and wellness of your loved one's. If you're looking for some inspiration, here are our top picks of eco gifts for every budget!

1) Gift Cards

Give the gift of choice with a gift card to someone's favorite shop (preferably a small/local business) that gives back. It's more personal than cash by showing that you've considered their unique personality. If your special someone is interested in health and natural lifestyles then our RML Gift Card could be the perfect fit!

2) Essential Oils

It may come as no surprise to our community that we're a big advocate for essential oils! They're a great way to give a meaningful gift that empowers family's with natural solutions for their health, beauty and home care needs. The particular certified pure therapeutic-grade brand we use offers fantastic kits with all the basics and plenty of oils that are $20 and under. Email us at to discuss how to get top quality oils at the best price or click here to learn more.

3) eBooks

Reducing paper usage does more than saves trees, since pulp and paper mills are also a major source of pollution. So choosing an eBook instead of paperback helps to lower your carbon footprint regardless of the content of the book. But you can take it a step further by choosing an eBook of something that inspires a healthy lifestyle and encourages self-development. For example, our eBook of The 21-Day Superstar Cleanse includes 100+ plant-based recipes, daily wellness advice, sustainable lifestyle practices, yoga poses and fitness tips suitable for health enthusiasts or anyone looking for a fresh start.

4) Digital Gifts + eCards

In addition to eBooks, digital downloads for cards, music, videos, eCourses, apps or memberships are another way to show you care without adding to the landfill. If you're loved one is interested to get started with yoga or deepen their practice, our online catalog of video downloads may be just what you're looking for! For a great deal, check out our ra'yoKa Virtual Fitness System with all series and modules presently 50% off!

5) DIY Gifts

There are many advantages to giving a heartfelt, homemade gift instead of something store-bought. When you do-it-yourself you can choose to use non-toxic, biodegradable, natural ingredients or parts that are a sustainable choice for the environment. You also get to put all your creativity and love into it, making something unique for your loved one. A great choice is to make some homemade beauty and home care products!

In Los Angeles, we're hosting our annual Holiday Gift Making Party to connect in community, libations and celebrations while crafting gifts that nurture health and the planet too.

If you're in the area, email us at for details. If you can't attend, click here to check out some of our recipes for a Peppermint Scrub, Hoilday Joy Spritzer and more!

Join our Yogi Costume Contest!



Share pictures of yourself practicing
yoga in your Halloween costume for
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National Yoga Month

In 2008, the US Department of Health and Human Services designated September to be National Yoga Month, to educate about the benefits of yoga and to inspire people to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you're an adapt yogi or have never "down-dogged" in your life, there's plenty of ways to get involved. Join us for semi-private yoga classes in our hometown LA or UNIFY with us in Santa Fe!

In celebration of National Yoga Month, we're offering an Early Bird $75 off our New Year's 21 Day Superstar Cleanse and a 10% discount on all of our video download programs! Click Here to go to our catalog and enter code "YOGAMONTH10" at checkout. Offer expires September 30th, 2016.

Purify in Paradise! :: 10-Day Hawaiian Yoga Retreat

This 10-day rejuvenating immersion in yoga, plant-based food, meditation and community activities will help you to let go of whom you've become, so you can be who you truly are. 

Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles presents Qollari Essentials

ALIGN TO SHINE with Rainbeau Mars :: Season 2, Episode 3

Qollari is a Quechua word for "the mother who provides for her children," and we strive to reflect this with our work, in every sense of the meaning. Click below to read more!

In working with a certified pure therapeutic and food-grade source of essential oils, we've discovered a solution for truly enhancing your life naturally.

Our intention is to serve you with the highest quality medicines from plants to empower you in caring for your family's health, beauty and home, and in our partnership with Qollari Essentials we've found away to heal ourselves from the inside out, and cultivate a garden of philanthropists. 

To learn more about how to get involved email us at or visit our Qollari Essentials page.

Thank you for your support, sharing and subscribing!

Revolutionizing the Way Families Manage their Health

ALIGN TO SHINE with Rainbeau Mars :: Season 2, Episode 2

We're delighted to announce our latest passion project, sharing a new way to be empowered with Natural Solutions for your health and home.

Qollari is a Quechua word for "the mother who provides for her children," and we strive to reflect this with our work, in every sense of the meaning.

In working with dōTERRA, a certified pure therapeutic and food-grade source of essential oils, we've discovered a solution for truly enhancing your life naturally! These pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health.  

Harnessing nature's most powerful elements, we have an opportunity to share these gifts with our global community. Check out this week's episode on Align to Shine and email us to learn more!

It's time to Take A Stand, thank you for joining me!

This week is pretty special for a very personal reason.

A good friend and colleague, Deborah Kagan, asked me to participate in her online interview series that blends our professional selves with the cause to end violence to women. 

All of us speakers are public figures and the thing we all have in common (besides creating a tremendous amount of success personally and professionally) is that we’ve experienced some form of domestic violence, sexual assault or rape.

You might not know this about me. I mean in general, it’s not the kind of thing people talk about over coffee at a meet and greet.

My interview is airing on Wednesday, October 21st, and will be available for 24 hours, so CLICK HERE to reserve your spot and check out all the details!

What’s so fabulous about this series is that Deborah is changing the conversation around this epidemic. We’re not focusing on the what happened—there’s plenty of that out there already.

What we ARE focusing on are the very conscious moments where we chose to create new experiences in our lives. The moments where we claimed our power, said YES to success and dropped the old stories holding us back.

These are the conversations we need to hear because they are about what’s possible for all of us.

CLICK HERE to get your FREE access to #takeastandevent!
Let’s focus on dropping the shame around what’s happened in the past and boldly TAKE A STAND for what we’re here to do!

I’m honored and excited to share this with you.

Take A Stand!

Happy Fall everyone, tis yet another season to let go of the old and unnecessary!

So in full transparency and commitment to a more truthful self, and to stand for a nation and planet where we are empowered by our challenges, I share my own truths and realizations with you.

Between raising my own daughter that is rapidly beginning to tween and other blind spots in my own life that might have affected my past and present, I think there is no better day to get honest than this one.

I recently discovered that the second reason for death is suicide, which is a very permanent solution to a temporary issue. But why is this? Why are we suffering without the ability to face our shadows or fear and why do we often create the realities that we are trying to avoid?

For those of you who may or may not know me, my name is Rainbeau.  You might of even heard by now, that I was born in a teepee under a double rainbow in the Ozarks of Missouri. That my mother is somewhat of a flower child, while also a professional medical herbalist. Or heard that I am known as a yogi (maybe even a teacher, or the girl who had all those videos or deals with it) or you might have heard about my demanding everyone to do a cleanse before my wedding or handing out worms for Halloween to create environmental awareness.

What you might not know, is that yoga was my salvation during my times as a young actress, coming off all sorts of addictive drugs. That I was addicted to alcohol and cigarettes, and could have called myself a pot head more than once. Or that most of my hard core party days were spent before I had even a license to do so and having reached my drug quota, I turned to yoga, chanting and cleaning to purify my mind and body.

You also might not know something that I am realizing now…. What I was avoiding. I truly feel, that we humans attempting to be, like to find that happy place and will find any all means to get there.

Until we open up to the light and shed truth, compassion and self-love on that which we wish was not there, it continues to remain.  We try to soften the suffering with stimulants that trigger certain better feelings but the root remains. 

One thing that I am learning is that the real freedom we are actually looking for takes the ability to observe, analyze and ultimately comprehend.

How can we observe if we have altered the truth, tried to falsify it or coat with smokey rose colored tipsy glasses? We can numb the pain for so long, but that does not mean it leaves until we deal with it.

I am writing this to encourage us all to tell the truth, whatever that means. We don't need to always edit to sound better or more desirable, altering reality to make ourselves more appealing to others or ourselves.

I want to encourage us to get real, speak out and up for virtue, integrity and a world where people are what they say they are. Silence, shame, guilt or the need to protect others who created pain, beat, lied cheated or have been abusive is passé. If we don't have those things, we can rectify. Make right by asking for forgiveness and changing! The truth will set us free, but we must get utterly okay with what it is.

With all our hearts and all our courage the time to face what is & has been to face reality with all that we have is here.

I spoke about some of my truths and some of the ways I am healing or have healed to Deborah Kagan the other day and I invite you to take the time to check it out and get involved.

What’s your story? What’s your truth? It’s time to share who you really are. Beneath our suffering we are all bright stars. 

UNITY: Make the Connection! Special event August 12th

We tend to go about our daily routines, relatively at peace, sheltered by the status quo of how our lives appear to be. Sure we’re far cry from yet achieving world peace, but we convince ourselves that we’re doing all that we can from our corner of the globe. Perhaps this monotony of living persists for generations even, leaving any unpleasantness avoided and unquestioned.

And then there may come a catalyst that shocks us from this state of being. Be it a person, a place, a book, a song, an event, or a work of art, we are awakened and can never return to the way things were.

My most recent experience of this came to me in the form of the documentary film, UNITY. 

 Shaun Monson recording with Jeff Goldblum

Shaun Monson recording with Jeff Goldblum

Written and directed by the creator of EARTHLINGS, my dear friend Shaun Monson and I reconnected at a screening of his latest project, UNITY. I was moved beyond surprise from watching this riveting documentary of truths and I felt the need to help support others into also partaking in this awakening experience of story watching. Like The Secret or other films that one agrees with or not, it just should be watched to trigger questions. 

UNITY offers a new dimension to the cause in Human Rights. Or as the film states, “We are earthling, for we are human, animal, tree. Not the same but equal.”

"This film has taken 8 years to complete.
It is narrated by a cast of 100 voices, of which I am only one.
It is a documentary about why we can't seem to get along,
not with each other, the animals, or the environment,

even after thousands and thousands of years together on this planet.
At this moment in time
I can't imagine a more worthy subject to be released this year.
There's literally nothing you've ever heard or seen to compare this to.
There's simply no box you can put it in.
UNITY is a unique cinematic experience,
and one with a message the world is in dire need of hearing and seeing.
Please consider shining your light upon it."



This masterpiece took eight years to create and utilizes a cast of 100 celebrities to speak one unified narrative throughout the film. Talents such as Ellen DeGeneres, Selena Gomez, Jeff Goldblum, Adam Levine, Deepak Chopra, Common, Adrian Grenier, Ben Kingsley, Zoe Saldana, Dr. Dre, Geoffrey Rush, January Jones, Jennifer Aniston, Joaquin Phoenix, Susan Sarandon, Aaron Paul, Tony Hawk, Pam Anderson, and many others lend their voice to the cause.

 Shaun Monson recording with Aaron Paul

Shaun Monson recording with Aaron Paul

 Shaun Monson recording with Zoe Saldana

Shaun Monson recording with Zoe Saldana

Set against a backdrop of some of the most stunning visuals (from galaxies to cells, landscapes in paradise to impoverished cities, and candid shots of both animals and humans in suffering and glee) this film resonates with each part of our being. The love, the tragedy, and hope.

UNITY presents itself in Chapters that takes us hand in hand through the journey of the human experience. Each transition helps to crack another barrier to UNITY, from an inflated sense of self-importance, often called “the Ego”, then calling us to action to our mutual starring roles in this epic cosmic drama. It begins by exploring our brief existence among the Cosmos (Chapter I), then travels to the preconceptions of our Mind (Chapter II), the nature of our Body (Chapter III), the infinite capacity of our Heart (Chapter IV), and ultimately to the mysterious energy of the Soul (Chapter V). As we progress through each Chapter, the story unfolds of what it is to be incarnate, with all the responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities that it holds.

"UNITY is going to be beyond special —

it's unique and defies the current whitenoise

and cybersaturation that is the blight of our times

which needs to be challenged / enthused / engaged

ecologically — spiritually — politically — cosmologically —

but most importantly — humanely.

UNITY is not a documentary.

It is a symphony.

I have never experienced such a palpable shift in an audience,

such a profound humanistic awakening in the course of a singular screening.

Yes, UNITY is that kind of film.

It will blow you away in the dark.”


Unity will have a one-night only cinema event distributed by SpectiCast at 1,000 to 1,200 screens worldwide on August 12, 2015! You can purchase your tickets now at to join the movement.

I’m grateful to be able to add UNITY to my medicine bag of healing tools to inspire my community to our innate power to create a thriving life of beauty, health and freedom, one for all and all for one.

Here's to awakening with and unto Unity. 




ra'yoKa Teacher Training in Hawaii 2015

Refine your practice and discover the art of teaching yoga with a destination retreat at our haum away from home, Hawaii! We’re on a mission to build a team of leaders ready to take on the imperative of healing our communities and the planet. 

This 10-day intensive is the foundation for our 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training to become a ra'yoKa (c) Instructor and help lead our Harmony Haum Initiative. Email us at for more information or to apply today.

Herb Walk

SHINE hosted by Rainbeau Mars :: Season 1, Episode 26

Come along for an Herb Walk, learning to identify edible and medicinal local plants around a Los Angeles neighborhood. 

To learn more about Brigitte Mars, her books on herbalism and opportunities to study with her, visit

Now we want to hear from YOU! How many local plants can you identify in your neighborhood? Which herbs are your favorite to forage?

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A visit to The Mile High Stadium for some Yoga w/Rainbeau Mars

SHINE with Rainbeau Mars :: Season 1, Episode 18

Rainbeau takes you to Colorado's Mile High Stadium and shares the fun of yoga. 

Our power grows exponentially when we gather together. Have you ever participated in a large size yoga class or event? How did it affect your practice? What did the energy feel like in the room (or field)? Let us know down in the comments!

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