Halloween is for Big Kids and Small! To Have more Fun... Family, Earth, Worms and All!

We hope you had a wonderful Halloween! 

In addition to getting to explore and share a different dimension of our personality by the costumes we choose to wear, we and our children get to interact with our neighbors. We knock on each other's doors and the veils become just a little bit thinner for us to know each other better.


In the spirit of community, holidays can also be utilized to serve a purpose.  Because of the great environmental urgency right now to protect vital resources like our nation's depleted soil, we decided to step up to the plate and use this opportunity to bring awareness to the cause.


When we began to make our festive plans public that instead of adding to the sugar craze, at RML Central each kid would be offered a live plant, with a worm or two as a garnish, we got a lot of mixed reactions (as covered on CBS Los Angeles, LA Weekly, & LAist) but the night turned out better than we could have possibly imagined!