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Day of Inner Peace
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Day of Inner Peace

“Global peace is possible. What is important for us to understand is that the seed of this peace is within our hearts. When we achieve inner peace, then peace on the planet is possible.”
-Juan Ruiz Naupari

Day of Inner Peace celebrates the cultivation of inner peace within our hearts and the potential for global peace that begins with each individual. The annual celebration is presented by Inkarri Cultural Association & Pneuma Institute globally on October 27. Proceeds benefit Gaden Shartse Monastery, Q’ero Community of Peru, and Inkarri Cultural Association.

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to Oct 31


You’re invited to an important online interview series- #takeastandevent.

This is your opportunity to powerfully shift who you are as a woman. All the speakers involved are breaking their silence and Taking A Stand for what they’ve dedicated their lives to.

Because we all know that the secrets and shame women hide become the insidious and often hard to uncover blocks to what’s possible in life. Through these conversations, you will find a power within that breaks free any shackles holding you back from your fullest Self. 

CLICK HERE to join us for this groundbreaking online event!

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