The Many Wonderful Uses for Coconut Oil by Kameko Kali

It’s amazing to me the variety of daily activities that can have a profound impact on our overall well-being. Though many of the natural healing and lifestyle disciplines I’ve discovered go in and out of fashion as my experience evolves, there’s one habit that is my tried and true go to for just about everything!


Far from just a handy addition to your kitchen pantry, coconut oil offers an array of health benefits and is good for the whole body. I actually buy coconut oil in the 5 gallon container and then refill jars that I keep in every room of my house (my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garden shed and even in my car for when I’m on the go).


So what’s the scoop on this creamy goodness?


Cold-pressed, organic virgin coconut oil is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory and is a healthy source of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) that are quickly digested, aid nutrient absorption, and provides sustained energy by stabilizing blood sugars and cravings.


There are literally hundreds of ways to use coconut oil but here are a few in a nutshell:


1) Cook it

While most oils become rancid when cooked and expose you to free radicals when consumed, coconut oil remains stable at high heats making it the safest oil to use for baking, sautéing and anything that boils.


2) Consume It                                                                          

Consume a tablespoon of straight coconut oil before meals to help aid digestion, absorption of vital nutrients and weight loss. Add to smoothies as a nutritional supplement or use as a versatile component for just about any recipe.


3) Wear it

Coconut oil melts at body temperature and absorbs quickly making it ideal to use topically as a moisturizer and is literal skin food for your face, body, lips, elbows, hands and feet. A natural alternative to sunscreen, toothpaste or deodorant, you may also apply to hair to treat dry scalp or split ends.


4) Work it

A bit less conventional, coconut oil also has a myriad of uses around the house. You can cure leather and polish wood furniture, metals or cookware.  I also apply to garden tools to help protect from rust.


These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are literally endless! Please add your suggestions in the comments below so we can all continue to implement coconut oil in new and exciting ways!


In Joy!

Kameko Kali