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Art Director

Born and raised in Sierra Madre California, the graphic designer studied fine art , design, and branding at FIDM. Jessica loves learning and adventure, spending free time seeing exhibitions, camping, hiking, and being by the ocean. Few know the designer spent nearly a decade learning classical painting and rendering techniques starting at the age of 6. She likes to stay fit by surfing, free diving, and snowboarding, and weight lifting.




Content Manager

Treasured as a wealth of information and a techonological superstar, the Long Beach native majored in film, dance and music, and has continued education in the areas of holistic health. Kameko practices yoga, hoop and belly dance, playing the ukelele, and permaculture urban gardening. This earth conscientious mama gave birth to her beautiful son, Marcos, in her bathtub at home on a father's day. 


Media Director

Born in Compton, California, Jon co created BallinTV and the VBL Basketball League. He is passionate about inspiring and teaching youth to love, trust and respect themselves and Mother nature, through a program he founded known as the Natural Leaders Foundation. Jon has a 21 year old son, known  to be the light of his life and his inspiration to reach his highest potential.  He keeps his body pure by abstaining from sugar,  gluten, dairy, and animal products.



Born in Portland Oregon, Michelle majored in communications. She likes to stay active by going on hikes. One of her hidden talents is her ability to tap dance! Michelle is health consciencious and loves to stock up fresh yummy organic produce at her neighborhood farmer's market.

Emily Capshaw

Office Administrator

The Colorado Native is known by her team to be an excellent problem solver and keen communicator. Having earned her degree in theater performance, Emily is passionate about inspiring the world through Art, Music and story telling. Impressively, she also knows how to weld! She maintains her health by creating and sharing plant based cuisine with others, in addition to practicing yoga.


Mark linthicum

Video Editor

Originally from Marin, California, the film editor now calls  LA home. Having majored in film making, he is passionate about creating. He stays healthy by juicing and eating raw vegan foods. 



Property Manager

From his hometown of Seymour, Indiana, this Indiana University graduate now serves as Property Manager for our RML Headquarters in Los Angeles in addition to his consulting services, Being the Being. Trent has studied intensively with various indigenous cultures and is passionate about reading, writing and philosophy. Trent's health practices include daily meditation with an exercise regimen that combines yoga, sprinting, and Qi Gong, eating organic and staying calm.